What is Sigev?

It is a management system of Empty Containers that Tecnomyl SA, offers to producers, retailers, distributors, cooperatives, etc., as well as local and regional governments, in accordance with Law 3742/09 Cap. XI and art. 13 inc "d" of Res. 446/06 SENAVE, including the collection, transport and disposal of the same.

Tecnomyl, is the leader in developing and marketing of agrochemicals in Paraguay. Currently it ranks among the top 3 companies in the Bolivian market, and seeks to expand into countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico with more than 80 products registered.


Collect as many empty containers from the field, minimizing the negative impact of these on human health, animals and the environment, raising awareness at all about the need for proper handling of the same, based on the triple wash.

How and why should I properly handle empty containers?

The containers must be stored with their lids, labels preferably in their original packaging, in a covered, well-ventilated place. These should be kept by the producer for later delivery. Besides practicing the triple washing it is saved because the entire product is used and helps your product at no contaminated facilitating handling.


    WASHABLE: rigid packaging, which formulations should be diluted in water. NONWASHABLE: Packages that do not use water for use.


    Washing processes in washable containers
    simple washing and triple washing.



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